American International School of Algiers

february 2016

I was hired by the director of the American International School of Algiers to create a logo for a brand new school the U.S. State Department was opening in Algeria. This Logo was challenging because, not only did it have to represent educational concepts like learning, growth, and creativity, but it also had to capture the school’s unique position as a bridge between cultures. The school’s director was open to exploring what the logo would look like, which gave me complete freedom to not only choose a design, but also influence the direction of the schools branding. I researched Algerian culture, the international school community, and took the creative lead in creating mock ups by sketching out ideas and then constructing them in Adobe Illustrator. The olive tree is a prominent plant in Algeria, making it the perfect symbol for growth and transformation. I placed the tree growing out of a book to symbolize knowledge, and used the trunk of the tree to act as the “I” in AISA. The tree contains 50 leaves and 13 olives to represent the United States. The logo was accepted by the board of Directors and now serves as the school’s logo.