Leaf Natural Products

january – december 2016

A local organic cosmetic company approached me to design product labels for their high end natural products. Since I began working with them in 2016, I have worked on over a dozen labels for a variety of cosmetic products as well as icons, banners, and ads. I have also re-branded the company’s marketing to give it a more playful and eye-catching aesthetic. Here are two recent labels I made for a small bottle of men’s moisturizer called “Manly Man.”

Similar in style to the "Manly Man" products, "Hello Dolly" is a set of women's daytime and nighttime facial moisturizers.

I also designed the labels for a line of beeswax lip balms.

A big part of Leaf Natural Products's business ethics is being responsibly sourced, cruelty free, and using all natural ingredients. I needed to create a set of icons that looked uniform, conveyed the message clearly, and could sit on any one of LNP's products while keeping the fun aesthetic of the brand.